Companies in 2013


When it comes to companies, technology clearly piques readers’ interest. Microsoft, Dell, Google and Apple all feature prominently in the most-read lists almost monthly.

One theme running throughout many of the most read technology stories is data privacy amid growing concern about how personal data are collected and used.

The health of the banking sector – and regulatory probes – also drew repeated interest.

January HMV calls in the administrators

February Abercrombie to close up to 50 US stores

March Goldman exposed to $20bn loss in a crisis

April EU data watchdogs take aim at Google

May Microsoft prepares rethink on Windows 8 flagship software

June Companies scramble for consumer data

July Barclays reveals £12.8bn balance sheet hole

August JPMorgan woes deepen as US demands $6bn penalty

September Microsoft in €5.4bn deal with Nokia

October ‘Dutch sandwich’ grows as Google shifts €8.8bn to Bermuda

November US banks warn Fed interest cut could force them to charge depositors

December Volcker vote ushers in new world order for banks