2013 in Review


Judging from our list of the most-read stories of the year, it was a year of personalities, the taper, technology – and increasing turmoil in Syria and Egypt.

This list, compiled from the most-read stories of the year, gives a picture of what the FT audience was interested in each month.

It’s broken down into four sections: overview, world, companies and markets so you can drill down into the most popular stories in each section.

January Shale gas boom now visible from space

February Foxconn plans Chinese union vote

March ‘Slum pope’ is sharp political operator

April Margaret Thatcher: ‘Iron Lady’ who remade Britain

May Bangladesh factory collapse a catalyst for workers’ rights

June Backlash over US snooping intensifies

July Crackdown on Brotherhood builds as new Egyptian president sworn in

August Bo Xilai trial exposes the man and his rivals

September Obama steadfast on Syria strikes despite G20 opposition

October China and Japan warn US on default

November Investors bet on Twitter as next big thing

December Bernanke puts Fed on autopilot as he leaves the cockpit